Why I used Tipper to transport myself, and wife on our wedding day – Victor Osuagwu speaks - Rovingupdates

Why I used Tipper to transport myself, and wife on our wedding day – Victor Osuagwu speaks

Why I used Tipper to transport myself, and wife on our wedding day – Victor Osuagwu speaks

Why I used Tipper to transport myself, and wife on our wedding day – Victor Osuagwu speaks

Veteran actor and former Chairman of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Lagos chapter, Victor Osuagwu spoke on his most talked about wedding ceremony that shook people 12 years ago....Read More>>>>

In an interview with Victoria Edeme of The Punch, Osuagwu delves into aspects of his personal life, including his marital experiences.

Regarding his marital life, Osuagwu reveals that he is happily married and blessed with children, both boys and girls.

He recounted his wedding, which took place in 2012 after a prolonged period due to various circumstances, including the passing of his mother-in-law.

Despite having already paid his wife’s bride price around 2003, the wedding was postponed. However, Osuagwu remained committed to his promise of formalizing the union once his youngest child turned five.

Opting for a distinctive mode of transportation, a double axle tipper lorry conveyed the bride and groom on their special day in Rivers State.

Osuagwu explained that he deliberately chose this unconventional method because he wanted tongues to wag.

According to him, the surprise element unfolded during the photo session after the church ceremony when the elaborately decorated tipper lorry made its grand entrance into the compound.

He revealed that the unconventional choice of transportation continued to captivate guests as they embarked on the journey to the reception venue.

In addition, he stated that his wife, initially taken aback by the unconventional choice, embraced the moment wholeheartedly, becoming the first to climb aboard the tipper lorry, followed by other members of the wedding party, including his best man, Francis Duru, and his wife.

As the tipper lorry made its way from Port Harcourt to Choba, it attracted a procession of vehicles, forming a joyful convoy.

Reflecting on the event, Osuagwu expressed satisfaction with the outcome, exceeding his expectations in terms of entertainment and engagement.

His wedding became a memorable affair, characterized by spontaneity and joy, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.

In his words:

“I am married and I have kids, both boys and girls. I did my wedding in 2012 and before then, I had already paid my wife’ s bride price around 2003. What delayed the ceremony was my mother-in-law’ s death after a protracted illness and other occurrences.

Even before the ceremony, I had already concluded childbearing. I made a promise to myself that since the wedding was delayed, I’d surely wed my wife once my last child clocked five.

While my last daughter was almost five, I started preparations and my wife’ s family gave me a date. My children were on my bridal train.

A double axle tipper lorry conveyed my wife and me on our wedding day in Rivers State. That was my plan because I wanted something people would talk about.

While we were having a photo session after the church wedding, the decorated tipper lorry was driven into the compound. When we were about to leave for the reception ground, my wife asked which car we were using and that was when I told her that the tipper lorry would be conveying us.

She was also surprised but was even the first person to climb into the tipper lorry after a ladder was brought. My best man, Francis Duru, and his wife, who was also my wife’ s chief bridesmaid, also got on the tipper lorry with us.

We started waving our hands and it caused excitement among the guests.

As the tipper lorry was going from Port Harcourt to Choba, there was traffic as everybody joined behind the tipper lorry and formed a long convoy. It was an entertaining wedding, more than I expected.”….Read More>>>>



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